Wedding Band Guide

Finding the Perfect Wedding Band for Your Affinity Diamond Engagement Ring

When it comes to matching your Affinity Diamonds engagement ring, perfection is paramount. Whether your style leans towards classic elegance or modern chic, whether you prefer matching metals or a striking mix, Affinity Diamonds offers a range of wedding bands that harmonise flawlessly with every engagement ring design.

Mix Match

Get creative and design your very own mixed shape diamond band to pair with a timeless solitaire

Matching Band

Keep it simple and classic by selecting a matching wedding band with the same setting to your engagement ring

Matching Diamond Shape

Pair your engagement ring with a wedding band featuring the same diamond shape.

Solitaire & Diamond Band

Pair an extra touch of sparkle to your solitaire engagement ring with a diamond band

Interlocking Band

Highlight the natural curves and features of your engagement by custom designing a interlocking wedding band

Mixing Metals

If you love wearing different coloured metals, or switching between metals, this pairing will allow you to seamlessly add your wedding band to your everyday jewellery.

Sentimental Inspiration

Personalised Engraving

Personalise your rings with a message, date, or symbol that holds significance to you. The engraving serves as a constant reminder of love and commitment, creating a cherished keepsake.

Add A Birthstone

Incorporate a personal touch of detail into your wedding bands by placing each others birthstones on the inside of the band so that you are always connected.

Wedding Band Set Ideas

Start The Conversation About Your Bespoke Wedding Bands