Picking the perfect Bridal Nail Colour

“Pick a colour” is a statement that cultivates a sense of stress as soon as you step into the nail salon. Imagine hearing this the week before your wedding… 
It is so important to pick the perfect Bridal nail colour for your wedding day. A colour that is elegant, delicate and tasteful. A colour that effortlessly complements your hair, makeup, your wedding dress and of course your ring!
Here at Affinity Diamonds, we have researched for you the top ten perfect nail colours for your wedding day that will ultimately add a graceful finish to your overall look. 
1. Funny Bunny  
2. Bubble Bath
3. Crepe 

4. Let’s Be Friends

5. Hue is the Artist?

6. Baby Take a Vow  

7. Love is in the Bare 

8. A Classic French Tip 

9. Pearl Chrome
10. Ballet Pink
    When picking what colour is best for you, consider the entire wedding aesthetic. It can be helpful to match your nails with the decor of your wedding whether that is a simple pink or a complimentary ivory. This may also stem from your bouquet of flowers as you experience the most significant part of the day, walking down the aisle.  
    As the bride, you have the power to choose the best nail colour that suits you and that makes you feel completely confident in your own skin. This day is a celebration of the love between you and your partner, hence, it is crucial that you look and most importantly feel your best. 
    It is suggested to get your nails done two days before the wedding so that the fresh set of nails lasts all weekend and there are no imperfections! As referred to earlier, getting your nails done can be stressful however rather take this time before your wedding to relax, wind down and pamper yourself. 
    Conclusively, nails are just one of the many things that a bride needs to consider for their big day. This blog is here to alleviate some of the pressure for you while introducing some ideas of what the perfect Bridal Nail Colour entails. 
    There you have it…
    We hope you were inspired by our thoughts on picking the perfect Bridal nail colour.  
    Until next time
    Affinity Diamonds Team