Ngurambang Aboriginal Artwork by Wayne Martin

Affinity Diamonds commissioned Indigenous Artist Wayne Martin to produce a special bespoke piece to feature as the hero image in their Sydney Boutique.
The artwork tells a story of love, commitment and family, three values that are at the core of the Affinity Diamonds brand. 
The Story
The centre is a meeting place symbolising Affinity Diamonds as a family. The 'U' shape icons that surround the centrepoint represent the staff, families and clients that play a pivotal role within the organisation. The circles on either side of the meeting place followed by the lines represents the path taken to and from Affinity Diamonds, both literally and symbolically. Mother Earth is present through the lines around the edges of the painting followed by the circles which are Wayne's unique waterhole design representing water, an essential for all living things on the land in which we live.
(Artwork by Wayne Martin, Mardigan Tribe Crow People, Ngurambang Aboriginal Art)
About the Artist
Wayne Martin is a proud Wiradjuri/Mardigan man who shares his passion for his culture through his artwork. Wayne and his wife Danielle are the owners of Ngurambang Cultural Education and Aboriginal Art. 
Ngurambang means ‘Home / Country’ in Wiradjuri language. 
Their devotion to their indigenous heritage built the foundations of their business and the ability to share it with others.
Visit the Affinity Diamonds Sydney Boutique to view this unique artefact.
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