Four reasons why you should consider remodelling your precious jewellery pieces.

Are you holding onto a box full of old jewellery pieces sitting in your cupboard collecting dust?
Here at Affinity Diamonds, we want to ensure our customers have the opportunity to restore their old treasures into new modern pieces that can be worn with pride and confidence.
Four reasons why you should consider remodelling your jewellery:
Customise your Engagement Ring

For some couples, their involvement in the Engagement Ring process is quite prominent. This may be because they are very specific about what they are after. But for others, they may be presented with a pleasant surprise… or not quite. For those of you who had different ideas for how you wanted your dream Engagement Ring to look… don’t stress. We want to make sure every customer’s dream becomes a reality when it comes to designing their jewellery, and even more importantly such a milestone piece that is your Engagement Ring. Whether you want to add a Halo, change the colour from White to Yellow Gold or even choose to change the whole design from a solitaire to a trilogy, we’ve got you covered.  The opportunities are endless when it comes to remodelling.
Remodelling can add more value to an already valuable piece 

Whilst some pieces of Jewellery will always stand the test of time in terms of the value they hold, remodelling jewellery can enhance that by adding even more value to a piece. Generally speaking, any old piece of jewellery being sold in modern times will more than likely be sold for less than it was worth, at the time of its origin.  With jewellery remodelling, although you must pay a small price for the creation of the piece, the finished product will be worth the same, if not more than the original piece. An example of this could be that the diamonds or gemstones from an old piece of jewellery can be extracted and implement into the new piece of jewellery with the addition of other details that will contribute to the overall growth of the value of the piece. In this instance, you are not having to source any materials, therefore only paying for the labour, making your piece more valuable than it was to start.
Old inherited Jewellery can carry sentimental value but may not be your personal taste
As any trend evolves with the changing times, so does the tastes and trends of jewellery. 
A piece which may have thrived back in the day may now be outdated in today’s world. However, for some of you, that dusty old jewellery sitting in your cupboard holds sentimental value as it has been inherited or passed on by previous generations. We would love to turn that into something you would always wear with confidence and eagerness whilst still holding those nostalgic and tender memories associated with those pieces.

Security and Quality

Technology has advanced massively over recent years, and this has impacted the jewellery industry in many ways; including the way jewellery is designed and the process of making the jewellery. Ultimately, these advancements have led to the improvement of the quality of jewellery in terms of durability and security. For those of you who have pieces of jewellery that you absolutely love but have become rustic overtime, remodelling is your solution. You will be able to bring your piece in too any of our Affinity Diamonds Boutiques and have your jewellery tightened, re plated or altered in any way needed to improve the overall quality of the product.

And there you have it, our 4 reasons why you should consider Remodelling in 2022. If this blog has convinced you to turn those old pieces into new fresh designs, be sure to book an appointment with our Diamond Merchants and we will make it happen.