Engagement Ring Trends 2024

With the new year already in full swing, some of you may be planning to pop the question in 2024. 
The Engagement ring process can be an overwhelming one! With it being one of the most important days of your life, we are sure you want it to be perfect. 
We want to help you navigate your way through choosing a style that is fit for your partner, whilst aligning with the current trends of 2024. 
Here are 5 Engagement Ring styles which we anticipate will trend in 2024 …
We’re starting off our prediction with an all-time classic … Bezel Setting Engagement Rings. 
Here at Affinity Diamonds, we have already seen this proposed trend come into play with an influx of Bezel Setting Engagement Rings being ordered this year. What makes a Bezel setting so special is the fact that the centre diamond/gemstone is surrounded by a circumference of metal that maximises its protection and therefore minimises the risk of any damage. 
Whilst offering extra security to your diamond, Bezel settings simultaneously provide a sleek and clean appearance which is timeless and classic. 
With the rise of minimalism and its increased popularity in recent times, we believe Solitaire settings will continue to trend in 2024 and for years to come. A Solitaire setting focuses on simplicity, whereby a single diamond or gemstone is set in a plain band. This design upholds a level of luxury and class whilst embodying a sense of timelessness. When choosing a Solitaire Engagement Ring it allows for the diamond to be the hero of the ring as it contrasts against the plain band.
Those who are simpler in style may be more inclined to opt for a Solitaire setting when it comes to choosing an Engagement Ring style that suits them. This is another reason why we believe that Solitaire Engagements Rings will continue to trend in 2024 and beyond. 
Solitaire Engagement Ring
It’s quite common for people to instantly allude to diamonds when thinking about Engagement Rings. However, this in fact might not be the case in 2024, as we are beginning to see a rise in gemstones being used in replacement of diamonds. Coloured Gemstones can be just as high in value as diamonds depending on the quality of the stone. Some popular Gemstones which we think we will see more of this year are Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds. All of which are rich in colour and quality. 
Above all, Gemstones are generally associated with birthstones making them a more symbolic and sentimental choice amongst couples. For those who want something more personal and meaningful, a Gemstone alternative may be the right fit for you.   
Ruby Diamond Ring, Yellow Diamond Ring
Multi Stone rings could look like a couple of different combinations. They allow for creativity and experimentation making them a popular choice amongst those who want a more unique and personal Engagement Ring. In particular, we believe two stone rings also known as Toi Et Moi and three stone rings also known as (Trilogies) will trend in 2024. We have seen both styles rise in popularity over the years, and although they are both classic styles that have been around for some time, we are seeing couples modernise these styles to adapt with today’s current trends. 
Both styles also have an underlying meaning to them. Two Stone Rings (Toi Et Moi) represent (you and me) whilst Three stone rings (Trilogies) are symbolic of the (past, present and future). This makes both styles a popular choice for couples, as they take a step closer to an everlasting commitment of love. 
Trilogy Engagement Ring, Two Stone Engagement Ring
It’s the small sentimental things that count when it comes to designing an Engagement Ring. Generally speaking, most partners shopping for an Engagement Ring have a slight idea of the ring design they are going to get. With this in mind, the addition of an intricate detail chosen by you, could be the element of surprise that takes your ring to another level. 
Hidden details allow for personalisation to occur, some ideas could include an engraving or the inclusion of your partner's birthstone to the inside of the ring. You may also choose to add a hidden halo which is a row of diamonds encrusting the main diamond. This is usually out of sight and only visible to the person wearing it, making it a special personal touch. 
 Hidden Halo, Pink Diamond
We are so excited for all our couples popping the question in 2024.
We are ready to guide and assist you in choosing the perfect engagement ring style for your partner.