Destination Wedding Locations around the world

Have you ever dreamed of having a destination wedding somewhere else in the world? 
Maybe you want to escape the Mid-Year winter in Australia, or you may just want a change of scenery and love the idea of being in another part of the world celebrating your special day with your loved ones… 
Whether it’s on the Tropical Islands of Greece or by the gorgeous castles of Ireland, we hope this blog inspires you with some location ideas that will complete your magical day.  
When it comes to choosing the perfect location, it’s important to think about what best interests you and your partner. We have categorised places based on their sceneries, and the mood they may provide.
Nothing screams nature like a gorgeous Vineyard with its lush greenery spanning metres. If you’re in love with the Wine country scenery and the relaxed, chill vibe that it provides then we have options for you. 
Think about the well renowned wine country that is Napa Valley, located In California, USA. You might also want to consider the sunning scenes of Chateau Beauregard, Pomerol in Bordeaux, France. 
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City Life 
If you are obsessed with city life, the gorgeous tall buildings paired with city lights, you could think about planning your wedding in the heart of New York City, USA. With its stunning skylines and flashing lights, there is no better location than the concrete jungle itself. If you are looking for the same vibe, however something lower key, there are various locations in London which offer a truly unique experience for a destination wedding. London venues entail the city vibe with a selection of places ranging from modern 5-star luxury to something more medieval and royal. 
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Tropical Island 
Are you dreaming of a tropical wedding with a view of the gorgeous sunset and a horizon of palm trees? 
If you’re a tropical lover, we think you can’t go wrong with the stunning islands of Hawaii. If you’re looking for something different you might want to travel to The Bahamas, the white sand beaches of St Bart’s or the Caribbean coastlines of Tulum & CancunWhatever you choose will be beautiful regardless. 
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Adventure Parks
If the beach is not for you, but you’re more of an adventurous type, why not choose a destination that is in line with your hobbies and personality. 
DisneyLand is the definition of magic, fun and adventure. We think this is the perfect wedding location for you. Whether it's Disneyland in Paris, California, Tokyo, or Hong Kong, you are bound to feel the magic which will add to your special day. 
Besides DisneyLand, other options could include Luna Park in Sydney, Australia or Universal Studios in Japan, Singapore, or Hollywood. 
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There you have it...
We hope you were inspired by our breakdown of some of the best Destination Wedding locations around the world. 
Until next time
Affinity Diamonds Team