Thought to be one of the four most precious stones (alongside diamonds, sapphires and emeralds), rubies have always been a highly coveted gemstone. Instantly recognised by its fiery and intense red colour, rubies symbolize love, passion, and the heat flowing through your body.

Since the conditions needed to create a ruby are extremely rare, they are the world’s most expensive per-carat coloured gemstone. This rarity has deemed the ruby fit for kings, queens, and emperors, and subsequently has long been worn by royalty due to its association with nobility.

For brides looking to make a strong statement that truly represents their personality, a ruby engagement ring is a spectacular choice. Even more so, rubies are considered one of the hardest minerals on earth and so, like diamonds, they are incredibly durable and practical for everyday use –perfect for an engagement ring!

Rubies are popular with many stylish celebrities, featuring in their engagement rings both as the main centre stone or added as a burst of colour. From Katy Perry’s flower-shaped ruby centred engagement ring to Ashlee Simpson’s ruby and diamond encrusted Art Deco ring, it seems that featuring this vibrant-coloured, unconventional stone is becoming more and more popular!

Check out just a few of the incredible ruby sparklers our favourite celebs are wearing.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

True to his namesake, Bloom proposed to the famous singer with a flower-shaped engagement ring featuring an oval ruby centre, surrounded by a classic floral halo design of diamonds in yellow gold.

Eva Longoria and Jose Antonio Baston

Jose ‘Pepe’ Baston gave his bride-to-be a stunning round ruby stone in a platinum halo setting, surrounded by diamonds.

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross

Featuring a 5-carat marquise-cut diamond, accented with rubies and smaller white diamonds, Ashlee Simpson’s one-of-a-kind Vintage inspired engagement ring uses calibrated cut rubies to give an Art Deco feel.  Unlike anything seen before, the navette shape is a modern nod to the Edwardian Era.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

In honour of her July birthday, the former NFL star proposed to the famous singer with a stunning 5-carat ruby ring, flanked by two pear-shaped diamond side stones; a classic design with a modern twist.

Victoria Beckhamand David Beckham

Soccer star husband David Beckham has gifted his fashion designer wife more than 14 engagement rings over the course of their marriage, with one of them featuring an incredible oval-cut ruby mounted in a white diamond setting.  

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