Picking out an engagement ring can be overwhelming with countless combinations of stones, settings and band styles to choose from. To help give you somewhere to start we recently spoke with celebrity stylist Donny Galella and wedding jewellery expert Sam Rahme about what is happening on the runways and how this is being translated into the wedding world.

What are you seeing on the runways in terms of jewellery Donny?

Donny: The latest runways are displaying lots of exciting jewellery trends. For the first time in a long time, we’re seeing the return of bold jewellery that’s colourful and statement-making, versus the fine dainty trend that was around for a while. Thanks to designers like Loewe and Chanel showcasing risk-taking jewellery (think necks cascading with chains and pearls) we are also seeing lots of charm style bracelets and thick hoop earrings.

So the layering trend continues?

Donny: Definitely, designers are layering, piling up layers of brackets or necklaces. Alexander McQueen layered lots of long necklaces with earrings, proof that, sometimes more is more. Valentino sent out all their models in chunky gold circular earrings, matching all the gold details on their belts and bags.

And what about jewellery colours?

Donny: When it comes to jewellery colours. It’s all about yellow gold, especially in the form of chains and links, a nod to the ’80s for a retro statement. Jewellery trends always work in cycles. White gold was huge, then rose gold and now yellow gold.

Sam: In terms of this translating to engagement ring and wedding bands, we are seeing yellow gold being favoured by the on trend bride. Due to the enormous popularity of platinum and white gold over the past decade, yellow gold is considered to be a unique choice adding warmth and a slightly vintage feel to the design. And the influence of the most visible couple to wed in 2018 can’t be discounted: Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with a three-stone yellow gold engagement ring absolutely adding to the surge in yellow gold demand.

So who can wear yellow gold?

Donny: Everyone can wear yellow gold. There are different shades of yellow gold, so choose a shade of yellow gold that compliments your skin tone. Maybe invest in more classic styles of yellow gold pieces, that you know you will wear long term.

And what about yellow gold in engagement rings?

Sam: The most sought-after engagement ring style over the last century is a classic round solitaire diamond set on a simple yellow gold band. If you are looking for something timeless, you can’t go wrong with yellow gold. Saying that, yellow gold works in both modern and vintage-inspired styles and even combining yellow and white gold can create a versatile and unique design.

And fashion wise, how does one wear yellow gold?

Donny: I love the combination of a black outfit with yellow gold. Black and gold is so striking and really allows the gold to be the star of the show.

What are your favourite yellow gold pieces at the moment?

Donny: Last year I helped design some pieces for Affinity Diamonds and created some mismatched style earrings. We are still seeing this fun trend all over the runways. It’s an easy way to give instant edge to your outfit.

Sam: I really love the resurgence of the classic six pronged round solitaire diamond on a simple yellow gold band. Timeless and classic never gets old.