‘Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.’ – Carrie Bradshaw

Valentine’s Day is a grand day dedicated to love. Love for your significant other. Love for your family and friends. Love for yourself (the queen!).

Between working hard, shopping for groceries, cooking dinners, attending family functions, catching up with friends, and everything else we have on our plates, it is very easy to forget to acknowledge ourselves for all that we do, and even reward ourselves once in a while with a well-earned treat.

Instead, we tend to look to our partners to make us feel special and worthy of our throne, but this Valentine’s Day, we urge you to stop, put yourself on an honourable pedestal and show some much-needed recognition for everything you have achieved.

So now the question is how much do you love yourself?  The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one of all so why not show its regal status to the world with an illustrious Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

Pictured: 7.00ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Alternatively a grand gesture of notable nature is with our 0.25ct Diamond Stud Earrings or Solitaire Diamond Pendant, perfect for every day at work but also good for those special events and evenings out.

Pictured: 0.25ct Diamond Stud Earrings


Pictured: 0.25ct Solitaire Diamond Necklace

Something a little more subtle but equally impressive is our Diamond Infinity Ring in 18k White Gold but perhaps the best way to show people how much you love yourself is by wearing a White Gold Letter Pendant custom made with your initials!

Pictured: Diamond Infinity Ring


Pictured: White Gold Letter Pendant

All hail the queen this Valentine’s Day – visit Affinity Diamonds for a consultation on Valentine’s Day and we will treat you like the queen you are. And you’ll go home with a beautiful rose from all of us at Affinity Diamonds.