It’s the trend that skyrocketed its way to popularity since the launch of the popular Apple 6S iPhone case in 2015 and it’s now making its way to hair straighteners, shoes, cars and even wedding dresses. The rose gold phenomenon is clearly not going anywhere.

Rose gold sits somewhere between shiny and muted, it is understated yet luxurious at the same time. It pops up on Paris runways and is used as decoration on cupcakes at birthday parties. A colour this versatile must be worth looking into!

Rose gold is actually a blend of gold, silver and copper and therefore complements a range of different skin tones. Because it matches so well with traditional metals, pairing it with yellow gold or platinum white provides the perfect amount of contrast that is eye-catching yet in a seductively subtle way.

Wear it alone. The colour of rose gold is elegant, timeless and warm. It is unexpected and different and thus shines when it stands alone. A simple ring or necklace in rose gold is all it takes and matches best with neutral clothing such as nude, white and shades of blue or soft pink.

Mix it with other pieces. It’s currently all about the stack and what better way to stack than with different shades of gold. The bracelet stack looks great with rose gold paired in, as does layering a rose gold necklace with a solitaire diamond pendant. The fact that it has been popping up recently in engagement rings also proves that rose gold is a perfect setting for diamonds either with a solitaire design or halo cluster.

Versatile. What we love most about rose gold is that it can be dressed up or dressed down. It works just as well with an evening dress as it down with jeans and a t-shirt.

With so many positives going for rose gold, it is no wonder that it’s gracing the pages of fashion magazines, popping up at high profile events, and even at casual lunches and in the office. It is a spectacular colour that works with all styles and a must addition to any woman’s jewellery collection.