Kind of like having a newborn, when you look down at your brand new sparkling engagement ring, so many questions come to mind that you never knew existed. Should I wear my ring while exercising? Can I wear it to the beach? Do I wear it in the shower? Do I have to wash it? An engagement ring is probably the most expensive piece of jewellery you’ve ever owned, so it’s important you get all these questions answered by an expert!

Should you wear your rings while exercising?

Aside from walking or jogging, you really shouldn’t wear your rings while exercising. For example, heavy weights can create pressure on the metal causing it to scratch and potentially bend out of shape. Pilates and Yoga? Although it seems less likely that these forms of exercise could cause any damage, sweat alone can make your rings dirty and they could also get caught on class equipment.

At the Beach?

Although the temptation to showcase your gorgeous new rock down by the sand is huge, don’t do it! Like how cold water shrinks body parts, the same goes with your fingers – and you DEFFINITELY don’t want to come out of the ocean without your prized possession! When it comes to the pool, chlorine and other harsh chemicals can strip the rhodium on white gold rings, turning them grey and dull much faster.

Washing Up?

Seeing as so many jobs at home require a hands-on approach, we recommend keeping ring dishes around the house to place your rings on. Next to the kitchen sink. Next to your bed. In the bathroom. The temptation to wash the dishes quickly with your rings on is far too great and even though they say that diamonds are tough, they certainly aren’t invincible.  Knocking them with a frypan could cause them to fracture, bruise, or chip, and the continual build up of dirty dishwater can reduce their sparkle considerably!

In the Shower?

The same goes here regarding the build up of oils found in shampoos, conditioners and body washes. It’ll only serve to wear and tear and inevitably dull your twinkle.

Sleeping time?

This one is really up to you however we recommend taking them off during the night as who knows what goes on in your dreams and that rock could turn in to a powerful weapon against your partner if you’re reliving a fight scene from Bridesmaids! And seeing as your fingers swell at night, it can make for quite the struggle taking them off for your morning shower or sweat sesh.

How do I wash it?

Knowing how to clean your ring at home is such an important question that we think it requires it’s own step-by-step guide. So stay tuned for a detailed info piece on this in the coming months!

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