So you’ve done the hardest part of the job and chosen the perfect ring for your loved one. As soon as she starts flashing around that stunning ring you know she will be asked the all important questions of ‘how’ and ‘where’ did the proposal happen. So it is your job to make sure that it is a story worth telling again and again and again. But no pressure right!!

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cites in the world and we are lucky enough to have a myriad of choices that would make the proposal of any girls (or guys!) dreams.

Choosing the right location comes down to the type of girl (or guy!) that you are asking to marry you. Listen carefully to clues along the way and if in doubt, any of the below ideas will be sure to WOW!

If you are still unsure and need a little assistance before the big day, Creative Proposals specialise in organising unique and personalised wedding proposals to ensure you create that unforgettable moment!

Summer Sunset Beach Proposal

Sydney harbour has many stunning and secluded beaches that creating an intimate, romantic set up amidst the sand can make for a very special proposal. Make sure you pack champagne, cheese and biscuits and chocolate covered strawberries to soak up that romantic atmosphere.

On Top Of Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you are looking for somewhere really memorable to pop the question, speak with the BridgeClimb team about proposing 134m above the harbour! Yes it’s true, you will both be in blue jumpsuits for this special occasion (and the pictures) but it’s definitely worth it. There’s even a code word to help keep it a surprise!

On The Ferris Wheel at Luna Park

In keeping with the ‘up in the sky’ theme, proposing on the Ferris Wheel at Luna Park overlooking the city and water is a pretty spectacular option also. Make sure you keep a tight grip on that ring though; it’s a far way down to the ground! And remember you can always go to Luna Park at night; those sparkling lights will look amazing when you’re at the top.

Horse Riding in Centennial Park

Does your partner love a bit of countryscape? Why not organise a horse ride in Centennial Park that ends with a romantic picnic and proposal. It’s the perfect way to get a little bit country in the city and if you rope in some friends or family (or if budget permits, a professional) to set up your end point under a secluded tree, this is high on the romance scale.

Walkway in Hyde Park

Continuing with the nature-loving theme, the tree-lined, wide boulevard in Hyde Park, with the renaissance style fountain at the end, is a stunning spot that will make your love feel like she’s somewhere in Europe! Surprisingly unpopulated, with lots of shade and greenery around you, this is the perfect spot to bend down on one knee.

Wendy’s Secret Garden at Lavender Bay

Although it’s a bit less of a secret these days, this pretty waterfront garden in North Sydney was built by Wendy Whiteley (the wife of famous Australian Artist Brett Whiteley) as a memorial to her husband and daughter. There are lots of nooks and crannies throughout the garden and you will be sure to find your own little piece of solitude to have a romantic picnic and pop the question.

Sydney Observatory

Nothing could be more romantic than popping the question under a starry sky –with a telescope to help you see them. Organising a private star-gazing tour at Sydney Observatory, complete with music and a sparkling sky to match your engagement ring, is a truly unique experience and one heck of a proposal to tell the friends about.

Dinner With a Spectacular View

If something a little more subtle is your thing, consider talking to the team at O Bar and Dining, on the 47th floor of the Australia Square building, who assist up to 15 diners a month popping the question to their loved ones. The five-person job requires a code word ‘Muriel’, includes a ‘Will You Marry Me?’ dessert and is recorded discreetly so you can watch it back later! Other excellent options equipped for proposals include Rockpool Bar & Grill on Hunter St, Circular Quay’s ARIA restaurant and Café Sydney.

Igloos on The Pier

Thinking of proposing during one of Sydney’s colder months and looking for something truly unique? Pier One’s harbourfront Igloos are exclusively available by the hour until August 31st and make for a very stylish and romantic proposal location!

Enjoy the winter sunset overlooking Sydney Harbour and Walsh Bay while sipping on delicious cocktails or Champagne in your own private hot tub. The hire comes with fluffy robes, slippers and a change room. Choose the overnight option to stay in one of Pier One’s Balcony Suites with access to the Igloo all night and invite some friends to celebrate with you!