H A Y L E Y   &   I A N

An anniversary trip to Japan was made even more unforgettable with a mountaintop proposal that was meant to be!





Hayley and Ian first met through mutual friends at a music event. Three months later they were in love. It was shared interests that initially brought them together, and their mutual love of travel would eventually play an important part in the start of their forever.




“Our five year anniversary was coming up so we decided to plan a trip to Japan to celebrate. We spent eight months planning and I hoped and dreamt that Ian would propose on our trip. He really threw me off the trail and had me convinced that it wasn’t going to happen. A sad fact that I eventually made peace with.

We spent ten days exploring Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima. Without my knowledge, he ducked away numerous times to get the ring box, anticipating the perfect moment that didn’t come.

Finally, we made our way to Niseko for some snowboarding. For the first three days, visibility was poor and the winds were too strong for the chair lifts to the top of the mountain to operate.

On the fourth day, the sun came out, which meant we were finally able to access the top of the mountain! As we had for the last few days, we got up at 6 am for breakfast. Despite the bluebird conditions, I decided to sleep in after brekkie as I was very sore. Ian, on the other hand, went to scope out the best point on the mountain to propose. He was so worried that the sun would inevitably disappear behind the clouds and with it, the perfect moment.

Fortunately, I was up and about within an hour and we made our way to the top of Mt Annupuri. When we got there, I asked some strangers to take a photo of us and I showed them how to use my phone. When I turned back, Ian had his back to me and was fiddling with his backpack. He turned around and told me that he needed to tighten his bootlace. A second later, he was down on one knee and pulled out a ring box. At the top of Mt Annupuri, with the sun ablaze and the blue sky as clear as crystal, he asked me to marry him.

I was overcome by immense joy, surprise and a feeling of fullness that I must admit, I have never felt before. As tears gushed from my eyes and into my goggles, in a shaky but clear voice, I said yes.

Still reeling with disbelief, I clumsily removed my glove and he placed the ring on my finger. We embraced for what felt like forever as five years of love, adventure, laughter and joy all met together in one moment.

The rest of our trip was spent snowboarding, eating and exploring in absolute bliss. It’s a moment that will stay with us forever!”







A backdrop of blooming cherry blossoms in Sydney’s Chinese Garden of Friendship was the perfect setting for an engagement shoot. The images taken by itakephotosphotography were used as part of Hayley and Ian’s wedding invitations: a beautiful way to bring their engagement story into their wedding.