Creative Director, Dianne Khallouf

Renowned for her creative flair, Dianne Khallouf joins the Affinity Diamonds family, bringing a new spark of creativity to our designs.

Fashion and design runs through Dianne’s blood, her first introduction to design was as a young girl experimenting with a jewellery making kit, then growing up in a family of fashion connoisseur’s – Dianne has had a lifetime of fruitful fashion and design experience that she is now bringing to Affinity Diamonds. 

We sat down with our new Creative Director, asking her a series of questions to give you a little insight into her new world here at Affinity Diamonds.


If you had to say YES to one ring, which ring design is your favourite?

My favourite ring design would have to be a classic solitaire with a bezel setting. It’s quiet, but bold.

Are you a Yellow or White Gold girl?

I’m definitely a yellow gold girl, it suits my complexion and it’s easy to style alongside my personal style.

Which celebrity has an Engagement Ring which you would consider the “WOW” factor?

The celebrity ring that I consider has the WOW factor would be the ring, actor, Brad Pitt gave Angelina Jolie. Designer Robert Procop designed the ring with Brad Pitt. It’s an Emerald-cut diamond, flanked by dazzling Trapezoid side diamonds that extend down both sides of the shanks.

When did you start forming a love for jewellery making and design?

I started forming a love for jewellery from a very young age – my mother recalls finding me in her dresser draws pulling apart her jewellery and creating new pieces. From there she bought a jewellery making kit. Not long after I started selling handmade earrings to my friends at school.

I later went on to study jewellery manufacture at the design centre in Enmore.

What did you do before you joined the Affinity Diamonds team?

Before I joined the Affinity Diamonds team I was working alongside my sister as a fashion designer and couturier. I specialised in bridal wear.

How would you describe Affinity Diamonds in 3 words?

I would describe Affinity Diamonds as classic, elegant and of the highest craftsmanship.

What advice would you give to the soon to be engaged guy/girl looking for their dream ring design?

My advice would be to go for a style that is true to your personal style – it will be a ring that he/she never wants to take off and that will stand the test of time. Meaning don’t be influenced by trends, go with your heart- ultimately your ring is a gesture of love.


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