It’s a constant “work in progress”, a roller coaster of mixed emotions and a once in a lifetime moment that will change your life forever. The “W” word tickles every bride to be’s patience, but in the world, we live in today even more so.

Weddings traditionally have always reflected a long day full of meticulously planned moments, photography, laughter, singing and dancing. A day where loved ones, both immediate and distant come together to celebrate two lives forming as one. From the early days in your backyard playing dress ups, pulling some flower look a likes out of the ground to form your bouquet, until your teens watching relatives marry their loved ones – envisioning your wedding day has and will become an exciting thought that will fill your imagination.



Today’s brides are faced with uncertainty and pressure to alter their forever dreams to create new ideals of what their wedding day will look like.

We have pulled together a list of thoughtful, sweet and exciting alternative options and ideas to trigger your imagination for your new and improved Pandemic Wedding (these ideas apply to NSW couples):


Short and Sweet Guest List

A small wedding is sometimes not ideal for most and at other times very difficult to envision, but should you wish to keep all your dreams and aspirations for the look and feel of your wedding cut your list down to the bare minimum of 150 guests.

How do you cut the list short?

1. Limit it to your immediate family and closest friends

2.Invite those you have only been in touch with over the past 6 months

3.Make a list of the first 50-150 people who comes to mind when wanting to share a piece of big news

TIP | Share an invitation with those whom you couldn’t have join you on your wedding day, this small gesture will let them know you thought of them for your dream wedding and/or share a décor at the venue on the big day with a list of all the names of whom you couldn’t have be with you in person.


Image from: Bride Wars (2009)


Take it to the Big Screen

Live stream your big day – have all your loved ones join you in a fun and quirky way. Get creative in your day by creating moments that engage your guests over the live stream. They might even thank you for saving them another outfit to pull out of the bag!

TIP | You can live stream on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


Image from: 27 Dresses (2008)


Home Sweet Home

Peel back to the basics and celebrate in the comfort of your family home – bring back old school moments with holding your ceremony in your courtyard and the afterparty with a sit-down king table dining experience, dressing the yard with fairy lights for a beautiful intimate evening under the stars.


Image from: Father of the Bride (1991)


Meet me at the Alter

Minimise the fuss and embrace the true meaning of marriage with a simple celebration of your nuptials including a small guest list of both your immediate family members.

Guided by your own traditions, this may be in your Parish Church, original ceremony space or down at town hall.


Image from: The Wedding Planner (2001)


NSW Destination

You might not have thought you’d be the one to embrace a destination wedding, but now is your chance to think big for a small party!

Australia, and more specifically NSW, has endless alternative destination spots that could hold the perfect venue for you dream wedding – you’re simply spoilt for choice!

From Coastal destinations all the way to Country Wineries you are not limited for choice.

TIP | Choosing a destination wedding also gives you the opportunity to keep your day nice and intimate…


Image from: The Destination Wedding (2018)


The new “Traditional”

Tunnel vision can sometimes create unnecessary boundaries and limits your imagination. You may not be able to have your usual guest list of family and friends joining you and therefore won’t require the big glamorous venue of choice.

Now is your time to do the unexpected and venture out of the traditional, visit spaces such as Hotel Penthouses, Private Courtyards, Hotel Ballrooms, Golf Club Dining Rooms or as simple as a barn in the comfort of a beautiful Winery Estate.

TIP | Opting for a less traditional venue also allows for you to envision your glamorous wedding without feeling the necessity to fill the space with large volumes of guests and décor.


Image from: My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)



From the Affinity Diamonds family, we wish you all the best for a safe and smooth wedding day!

Image from: The Wedding Singer (1998)

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