You said YES? Here’s 5 ways to announce your engagement on social media…

Getting engaged is an incredible moment that is an unforgettable experience for both you and your partner. After all the tears, shock and excitement, let it simmer before you announce the big news on social media. Just simply enjoy the moment and soak it all in with your partner as this exact moment won’t happen again. Therefore, first and foremost, be present physically and emotionally and disconnect from social media (for now).

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So, what’s next? Now you’re looking for unique announcement ideas to spread the AMAZING news to your crew. Start by contacting your family and friends. Let your loved ones know personally by giving a simple phone call (or Facetime) to your mum and dad followed by your BFF’s to let them know things just got REAL.

If you’re going for that more engagement selfie route, set up your self timer and use a tripod or a DIY tripod that you can make just with books – so easy! Quick tip: Make sure your engagement ring sparkles by wiping it down gently with a jewellery cloth. But firstly, before taking any photos, get your nails did.

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Whether you hire a hidden photographer or have an invisible camera that you set up yourself, and you are lucky enough to have the special moment captured, use these candid images to announce your Engagement.

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If you think sharing a photo of your ring is a little too simple for you, get creative and play on words by simply adding “Mrs” to an everyday routine. For example, your morning coffee cup – super cute!

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If you have any kids together with your partner (yes, including furry kids) let them do the announcement for you. It could be announced with them wearing a t-shirt saying “Mum and Dad are getting married” or alternatively sharing a photo of them holding onto the ring.

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Additionally, if you prefer to avoid posting photos, no problem! Why not simply change your Facebook status to engaged? Therefore, your family and friends will be able to see your news without sharing private photos.


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