Has COVID-19 put your proposal plans on hold? Why wait any longer to pop the question…

Now more than ever, lovers are holding each other close and bonding has become the core of their everyday life.

There is no better time, than now, to express the ultimate epitome of love…A PROPOSAL.

What more denotes the perfect expression of love, than a bespoke diamond ring and you on one knee?

By now, we are sure you have secured the perfect Affinity Diamonds’ Engagement ring.

Now it’s time to create the perfect moment to pop the big question!


Photo by Glen Carrie


Have your travel plans been put on hold or you’re not able to set up that picture-perfect picnic with the romantic costal views you have always envisioned…

Don’t threat – we have a list of perfect at home, guaranteed “Yes”, Proposal ideas for you.


You can create the perfect sensual, romantic and unforgettable moment from the comfort of your own home…it just takes a LITTLE imagination and a WHOLE lot of heart.

Let’s indulge your imagination in 6 simple proposal ideas, all from the comfort of your home:



Indoor Picnic

Hand pick a couple of your favourite treats, pull out your go to picnic rug and set the mood with a blanket and a quality bottle of wine or champagne.

Pictured: Marty and Michelle, Affinity Diamonds Clients



Create a Private Restaurant in the comfort of your own Home 

Is there a recipe you have been wanting to cook the house down with? Tonight, is the night to pull out all the stops. Fine china complimented by a couple of tea light candles… romance will be sure to fill the air!

Pictured: Anthony and Cassandra, Affinity Diamonds Clients



Indoor Movie Night Slideshow

Are you a creative soul with a LOT of patience… then this is your chance to make your producer debut. All jokes aside. Sweep her/him off their feet with a personalised home video or collage of picture-perfect moments captured over your time together.

Pictured: Nick and Dominique, Affinity Diamonds Clients



Breakfast in Bed

Simple, but always a winner. A home cooked breakfast in bed.

It’s not every day you can sleep in, cuddled up to your loved one. We all dream about those Chic Flick Movie moments, the ones that have you teared up as you watch your childhood, Hollywood dream man propose to the girl next door in bed…it’s a no brainer!

Photos by Amy and Jordan Photography



Customised “Will you Marry Me?” Puzzle

Is she/he a crazy die hard for hour/day long puzzles? Then you need to familiarise yourself with the craze of customised puzzles!

You can create your own puzzle of choice, with a couple of clicks online – explore sites such as; Zazzle, Soufeel or Photobook Australia.

Pictured: Andrew and Isabella, Affinity Diamonds Clients



Recreate a Favourite Vacation Destination

Travel may be on hold… but there is no limit on her/his imagination.

It could be the Maldives, or Disney Land. No matter how far or close – you can bring the travel bug train to your front door.

Pictured: Rene and Karli, Affinity Diamonds Clients


Have we tickled your imagination and inspired you to propose to the love of your life…but you are just missing the perfect Diamond Engagement Ring.

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