Careful research and selectiveness regarding professional skills, artistic style and personal demeanour are very important when choosing your wedding photographer. These tips will help you find the perfect person to document your special day.

Tip 1: Choose your Style

Many wedding photographers can do a blend of portraiture and documentary-style shots, and will do a mix of black-and-white and colour images, but if there’s a special style you love, make sure to focus on photographers who specialise in it.

Tip 2: Research

Start your search by reading reviews from recent newlyweds and browsing potential photographers’ websites and Instagram pages to check out photos of other weddings they’ve shot.

Tip 3: Meet them in Person

This is not a decision that can be made on looks alone—you must meet your potential photographers in person and ring ahead to check they are available on your wedding day.

Tip 4: See Full Wedding Albums

Don’t base your decision solely on what you see in a photographer’s highlights gallery or album. Ask to see two or three full real life wedding albums.

Tip 5: Review with a Careful Eye

When reviewing a photographer’s album, look for the key moments you want captured: Did they get photos of both the bride and the groom when they locked eyes for the first time? Also look for crispness of images, thoughtful compositions and good lighting.

Tip 6: Make sure your Personalities Match

Don’t underestimate the importance of liking and bonding with your photographer. They’ll be shadowing your every move, and the more comfortable both of you are with the photographer, the better the photos will turn out.

Tip 7: Compare Packages

When interviewing candidates, ask for a general range based on the photographer’s standard “shooting fee” and package, plus their standard rates for the type of album you think you’ll want and the amount of coverage you’re hoping to book them for (day of, full weekend). It’s important to find out what’s included in the standard package, plus the basic range for any extras you may want so you can compare rates.

Tip 8: Get the Production Details

It usually takes a month or so to get the proofs back from the photographer but make sure you also ask: How many images you can expect? Will they be high resolution or low resolution? Will you be able to get prints made yourself, or does the photographer retain the rights to the images? Will the proofs you see be the retouched versions, or does that happen after you select the photos you want?


To help you with your research we’ve listed 18 of the best Australian photographers at the moment.

Ben Adams

Ben Adams –

Location: Newcastle, Australia

Point of Difference: Relaxed, personal, fun and consistent image maker.


Blumenthal Photography –

Location: Sydney, Australia

Point of Difference: Naturally elegant photography.


Cameron Neville – Neville

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Point of Difference: Sensitive. Grounded. Uses his lens to pause time. Seeks to tell a universal story, weddings as part of life.


Dan O’Day – O Day

Location: Canberra, Australia

Point of Difference: Tells a story with a painter’s approach to colour and tones.


Emelio B Photography – b

Location: Sydney, Australia

Point of Difference: Fashion inspired stylish photography.


Erin Ronald – Ronald

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Point of Difference: Eric doesn’t photograph weddings, he photographs the life thats happening at a wedding, there’s a difference.


Erin & Tara – & Tara

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Point of Difference:: Beautifully blend modern and classic and the worlds of fashion and hip.


James Day – Day

Location: Sydney, Australia

Point of Difference: There’s a tenderness to James’ work, he has a gift for befriending people, they let him in and it shows.


Jonas Patterson – Peterson

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

Point of Difference: The ultimate storyteller. Takes a story and nails it to the wall.


Joseph Willis – Joseph Willis

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

Point of Difference: Moody, intimate, relaxed, fun.


Kelly Tunney – Tunney

Location: Canberra, Australia

Point of Difference: Honest and impartial storytelling with a twinkle.


Love Katie + Sarah – Katie + Sarah

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Point of Difference: Elegant, minimal, quality work.


Michael Gray – Gray

Location: Sydney, Australia

Point of Difference: Muted, gentle, organic, sensitive and warm, intimate photography.


Nicholas Purcell –

Nicholas PurcellLocation: Adelaide, Australia

Point of Difference: Not a wedding photographer, he just happens to use weddings to make art.


Oli Sansom –

Location: Melbourne, AustraliaOli Sansom

Point of Difference: Quiet, thoughtful photos that reflect the story rather than tell it.


Paper Cranes-

Location: Sydney, Australia

Point of Difference: They capture the intimate moments that really matter.Paper Cranes


Ryan Schembri –

Location: Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Australia

Point of Difference: Captures and creates images that become priceless works of art.Ryan Schembi



Location: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Australia

Point of Difference: Creating unique, priceless moments.XSiGHT