“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” – Coco Chanel


Everyone has their own style and your wedding day is definitely the day to stay true to yourself, however that doesn’t mean there aren’t some tried and tested tips that can assist you looking your very best on this special day!


Pictured: Australian Model Charlie Robertson



When It Comes To Wedding Jewellery, Less Is More!

We are well aware that this is your day to sparkle, but let it be the glow on your face rather than the one from your accessories that makes the lasting impression. No matter how tempting it is to bling up every part of your body (think veil, tiara, earrings, necklace, bracelet, and a sash), sticking to a few key pieces and following the mantra ‘less is more’ will ensure that you are the one that truly shines as you walk down the aisle.



Work With Your Dresses Neckline

The style of your wedding dress will influence the type of jewellery you wear on your big day.

If your dress is strapless or has a sweetheart neckline, you have a couple of options. You can either go for a choker or shorter necklace such as a diamond riveria necklace (matched with a classic diamond tennis bracelet and simple diamond studs) OR you can skip the necklace completely and go for a pair of incredible chandelier or drop earrings matched with a cocktail ring!


Pictured: Australia Musicians, Jess Price and Matt Price


Pictured: Affinity Diamonds Brand Ambassador, Erin Holland


If you’ve decided on a V-neck dress, the sky is your limit as this style lends itself to decoration! A stunning sparkly drop pendant or higher choker style necklace will work well here, or you can even do both if you love layering, but make sure you use delicate pieces if you are going for this option! Match the necklace with either studs or drop earrings depending on your hairstyle (more about hairstyle below). Another option is to layer multiple strands of pearls, an elegant and classic yet playful choice!


Pictured: Australian Model, Charlie Robertson and husband Scott Robertson



If your gown is halter, reverse halter, or one-shouldered, then skip the necklace altogether and opt for a show-stopping bangle, cocktail ring or multiple layered bracelets. Alternatively you can be really daring and go for a tiara!!


Pictured: Rachel Mkhawaja, wife of Australian Cricketer Usman Mkhawaja


Pictured: Seven Network Presenter, Jessica Ridley



Consider Your Hairstyle

Have you always dreamed of wearing your hair a certain way on your wedding day? Then when it comes to your jewellery, and earrings in particular, celebrity hair and makeup stylist, Ariela Dundovic, suggests taking a cue from your hairstyle.

“If you are planning on an updo (think bun or pony) then go for a chunky, show-stopping necklace. If it’s a classic necklace keep the bun or pony neat, if not a messy high/mid pony with hair strands shaping the face looks stunning.”


Pictured: NRL Athlete, Michael Cheekam and Alex Cheekam


Ariela also suggests that if you have amazing bold earrings that you want to feature, then either part your hair to one side with a tuck behind the ear to show off one earring OR part your hair down the middle and keep it sleek behind the ears to show off both earrings.


Pictured: Natalie Holmes, wife of NRL Athlete Valentine Holmes


Pictured: Nine News Presenter, Jayne Azzopardi


“If you prefer to leave your hair down around your face then go for simple diamond studs or drop earrings so when your hair moves you still get sparkly glimpses of the beautiful jewellery underneath.”





Match Your Metals to Your Dress Colour

Unbeknown to most, some metals look better with certain wedding dress colours.

If you have chosen a pure white gown, white gold or silver jewellery is the best match for this bright hue. You could even go for pearls with this colour gown.



If your dress is ivory, yellow gold jewellery will complement the creamy tones best. It is also the pick if your dress is champagne, as it will enhance the warm tones in this very light beige colour.

If your gown is blush then rose gold will highlight the soft pink in the dress and look stunning.



Go for Quality and Longevity

Remember that every photo of you on your wedding day will include your wedding jewellery, so take some time to think about it carefully. We recommend going for quality and longevity – who knows, you may even wish to pass it down to your daughter one day.

Besides, unlike your wedding gown, your wedding jewellery is actually something you can wear again, whether it’s on your honeymoon, out for a special dinner or even just using it to dress up an everyday casual outfit, so keep in mind that it’s worth the investment.



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