Gemstone Guide



While the diamond remains the most popular gemstone in engagement rings, many girls also opt for other precious stones to signify the beginning of their new journey.

Gemstones which are highly valuable for their hardness and rarity are known as Precious Stones. Precious Stones are generally expensive in comparison to Semi-Precious Stones.

These are four of the most popular Precious Stones:


A perfect example of the contradictions of nature, diamond is the hardest natural mineral known to exist.
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Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum, one of the hardest minerals on Earth, of which the sapphire is also a variety.

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Sapphire is also a variety of the mineral Corundum and represents all the colors except red Corundum, which is Ruby.

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Emerald is one of the most fascinating and beautiful gemstones.

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Semi Precious Stones


Amethyst is a variety of the Quartz family, coloured by traces of manganese, titanium and iron.

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This is a fascinatingly beautiful gemstone found in colours like light blue of the sky to the deep blue of the sea.

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A Pearl is an organic gem, produced when certain mollusks, primarily oysters cover a foreign object with beautiful layers of nacre.

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Tourmalines are gemstones with deep brilliance and incomparable variety of colours.

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